Monday, May 15, 2017

New Gold Book Will Tell It All

Gold nuggets from Arizona
As I continue to research my latest project - "Arizona Lode and Placer Gold - A Guide for Prospectors", I am amazed at all of the potential gold and silver deposits in Arizona. They are literally everywhere south of the Colorado Plateau province. And if anyone has a nose for finding gold deposits, I believe I'm one of those people.  I was harassed endlessly the last year before I retired from the Wyoming Geological Survey because a couple of democrats felt I was finding way too many gold, diamond and colored gemstone deposits in Wyoming.

I now have more than 300 pages of text in my Arizona book where I describe gold deposits, prospecting methods and provides information on hundreds of mines and prospects in Arizona and highlight some of the better prospects with GPS coordinates. 

Underground in Tombstone
So, if I can find so many good gold deposits, how come I'm not mining them? Well, first of all, I'm not a miner - I'm an explorer. Second, I don't have much money and it takes a lot of money to open a mine - and I hate staking claims - its boring. 

One  deposit I highlight in my upcoming book is the Taylor-Hermosa massive sulfide and replacement deposit in the Patagonia Mountains in southern Arizona. This is currently being developed into an underground mine with capitalization of $457 million, and it is not the only good deposit in the area. One deposit I assisted in discovery in 1988 in Alaska is one of the largest gold deposits on earth known as Donlin Creek. Last I heard, capitalization for this mine was $1.3 billion. But of course, these are giant mines - but there are many types of deposits of all different sizes. 

For me, I like the hunt - and there is no excitement in mining for me. So, instead of letting all of those great gold and silver deposits just sit around, I'm writing a book about them. I hope to have this book published by the end of 2017 - but watch this site for updates.

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